How to Do Baby Car Seat Cleaning?

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A baby car seat cleaning is a very important job on which we must be good. Whether it is not how you will put nappy to your baby and how it works well to catch everything, it is crucial to do good cleaning process. This is because your baby’s car seat will get messy with frequent use. But, you don’t worry; thankfully there is a cover available for you to cover the baby’s car seat in easily removable manner. When you want to clean the car seat, you can simply remove the seat and replace with new one. However, it is also necessary to get some instructions to clean the baby car seat. Therefore, in this section, we will know how to do baby car seat cleaning.

How to do baby car seat cleaning?

There is a procedure followed to clean the baby car seat and here is the step-by-step procedure to clean the seat.

Step #1:

At first, you need to lose the inbuilt harness used on the seat to adjust so that the belt of the seat will get lose. You can look the place to adjust or lose the harness in the bottom of the restraint such as where the baby’s legs and feet are placed.

Step #2:

Now, you need to undo the harness from the previous restraint position. To undo the harness, you need to take each and every strap off the splitter plate, which is placed on the back of the restraint. Some harness contains these straps under the restraint too.

Step #3:

Move on to the front of the restraint and pull the harness straps freely. And, you need to pull the seat will out of the trim. Now, the seatbelt should get loose, so it can be easy to remove the fabric and clean it.

Step #4:

Once you loosen the car seat belt, and then you need to remove the head hugger cushions at first.

Step #5:

Now, it’s time to turn the restraint to check for the complete removal of old cushion, because there are changes to the trim is remain placed in the seat itself.

Step #6:

After that, remove the fabric with trim from the seat by pulling the shell of the restraint.

Step #7:

Now, wash the car seat by using warm or cold water. If you want to clean thoroughly, then you need use mild detergent solution. Keep the seat for few minutes to dry completely.

That’s all!! You cleaned your baby car seat successfully!! So, use some other new fabric on the seat and use it again.

What don’t you do on cleaning baby’s car seat?

The above steps are necessary for you to do while cleaning the baby car seat. But, there are some things that you don’t need to do.

  • Don’t use bleach, ammonia or other spirit based cleaners
  • Don’t use the restraint without using the fabric trim, because it causes injury or even death too.
  • Don’t use any kind of oil on the cleaning process